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– There are 3 things that are important to me: your interests, the security of the transaction and my availability to meet my obligations.
– Unlike many brokers, I do not sell you a product, but a service. A professional service that must be beyond your expectations.
– My relationship with you goes beyond the mere sale of a property is the excellence of a service where your satisfaction will become the key to our relationship.
– My biggest commission is the smile printed on the lips of my clients.

Yes and it’s even a very good product keeping in mind some small details:
1- duProprio does not evaluate the properties of his customers and guess why!
2- duProprio warns its customers to not accept promises of multiple purchases that could have resulted in an overbid therefore, more money in your pockets.
3- duProprio assumes no liability whatever the dispute.
4- Most properties sold have been finalized by brokers to secure the transaction.
5- duProprio mentions that all people can sell their own without help but if it’s true, why duProprio offers his help?

DuProprio clearly warns its customers not to trust the prices sold on their site, because it does not often reflect the price indicated in the land register. Hence the reason DuProprio will not estimate your property from its databasebut instead will use the services of an certified appraiser who will use the broker database.

In short, the fair price will always end up including the broker’s commission (even if you sell it alone) because it must reflect the land regis or most houses or comparable ones that are there are sold by brokers. Otherwise, your property will stay on the market for a very, very, very long time.

Our products are similar except for a few small details:
Royal Lepage is the only ones who Covers special assessments by the co-ownership board.
– With Royal Lepage our protection products are free for all our customers.
– With REMAX, you must pay in advance to take advantage of their products and if you stop the sale and you will lose the amount disbursed at the signing of the contract.
– To benefit the monthly payment if you loss your job (Security program), you must absolutely choose their bank and your rate will be increased.

Many are often insecure when shopping and often questions remain unanswered. Questions about their financial ability, property research, visits, price negotiation, juggling counterproposals, building inspection etc.

A professional in banking, insurance and real estate will present you all the pitfalls to avoid, the options to consider and the reflections of uses to facilitate the purchase of your dream home.

A seller sells his property for $ 300,000, the broker’s commission (4%) is $ 12,000. What will the buyer’s mortgage be? $ 288,000 ($ 300,000 – $ 12,000) OR the full price of $ 300,000 (commission include) plus the interest rate of the bank?

It’s always the buyer who is awarded the commission of $ 12,000 that he will pay with the interest rate of the bank for a maximum of 25 years. The seller will simply have in his pockets the real value of his property sold with or without a broker.

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228 boul Curé-Labelle, Sainte-Thérèse, QC J7E 2X7

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